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成績紀錄表(若有錯誤需在公布兩週內反應) (10/4公布Proj1和Quiz1)

1. Computer Graphic Basic:
    1.1 Application (ppt, word); 江清水
    1.2 2D geometry(ppt, word); 江清水

2. Computer Graphics Programming: Computer Science, Algorithm, Memory Size, Python basic by Christoph M. Hoffmann

3. Input, Variables, Assignment, Expression, Output, Python Type

    3.1 Problem Assignment 1 by 江清水

    3.2 Problem Assignment 2 by 江清水


4. Boolean, While, If .. Else by Christoph M. Hoffmann


5. Curve Interpolation, Bezier Curve, Hermit Curve, The matrix form for Curves, The relation between Bezier Curve and Hermit Curve

    5.1 Problem Assignment 3 by 江清水


6. Local/global variables, function, parameters, Precedence by Hoffmann


7.  Computer Game 江清水


8. Boolean, While, If  .. Else by Hoffmann

    8.1 Monte Carlo Method


9. Video Game and Game Rating 江清水


10. List, for, String, Sequence  by Hoffmann


11. Library by Hoffmann

      11.1 numpy module by  江清水


12. Data Structure: List, Tree by Hoffmann


13. File I/O, Trees by Hoffmann


14. 遊戲開發概論


15. 內容創作







A History of Photography From Web (Cherokee County Schools)

Photography (

Camara from Joe Collins


Computer Graphic Basic:
    3. 2D Viewing(ppt, word);  江清水 


Computer Graphic Basic   

    4. 3D geometry 江清水



   Computer Game 江清水

   Video Game and Game Rating 江清水



Python 網路教材






            相關書籍:             Computer Graphics using Open GL by F.S. Hill, Jr.